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Garment Designer Demo

Garment Designer pattern making softwarePlease check the compatibility with your operating system, as the demos below are for older operating systems that we have left on the website in case a user with an older Operating System would like to try the demo. If you do not see your operating system listed this means a demo is not currently available.

Garment Designer Demo downloads for past operating systems. Try it out for yourself!

Demos operate with the following Operating Systems:

Garment Designer 2.1 Demo (Win XP, Vista, 7 & 8)
Unzips to a working folder with program inside. You will need to create a shortcut.

Garment Designer 2 Demo (Mac 10.6)
Garment Designer 2.5.3 Demo (Mac 10.7 & 10.8)
Decompresses to a working folder with the program inside. You will need to create an alias if you want one.

These demos do not include the full capabilities of Garment Designer or Plug-ins such as Style Sets 1 & 2, but are intended to give the user a feel for the layout and how the program operates.

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