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Garment Designer Pattern Software: Empire-waist dress with stand-up collar, fullness at center and elastic hem
Stitch Painter Grid Design from Pillow Translating a woven pattern into Stitch Painter is simple using motifs and brushes.
Garment Designer Project: Flared skirt with pleated ruffle trim
Garment Designer Project: Polar fleece jacket with binding detail using hood feature
Engineering Shaping with Stitch Painter: Use the No Grid function and some Symbols to communicate shaping for the knitting of a shaped garment.
Garment Designer ceramic hand-built vessel for storing kitchen tools.
Hand knit sweater designed with Garment Designer.
Stitch Painter for Gradient Colors Building Gradients is simple in Stitch Painter using a Color Spread, and Repeat functions.
Garment Designer Project: Grand Canyon photograph laid on full-scale pattern from Garment Designer and printed digitally at Spoonflower.
Engineered design in Garment Designer pattern. Orchid design printed with sublimation.
Stitch Painter Needlework Project: Using Egyptian motif as inspiration, designed in color and symbols.
Garment Designer Project: Children's clothing, leggings, tops. Print fabric is from children's original artwork, printed at Spoonflower.
Aysymmetrical, hand knit sweater made from a ribbon yarn. Designed with Garment Designer.
Stitch Painter Colorways: Creating colorways is simple with Stitch Painter software.
Upcycle Project: Created by laying cut up sweaters and garments into pattern template create with Garment Designer.
Origami Purse created with a Garment Designer pattern.
Stitch Painter Garment Development: Using an inspiration from SunDance Catalog, a sweater was developed. See the steps here.
Lantern-Style Dress - created with Garment Designer.
Garment Designer Project: Orange, felted wool designed with an empire waist and pleated collar.
Cape Jacket from the Proportioned 4 You pattern book. Each pattern is planned for your personal proportion.
Stitch Painter Software Gridded Rose

Gridded Rose in Stitch Painter

Stitch Painter Gridded Rose: Using the Full-Color Import module of Stitch Painter software.
Garment Designer project: Mixed media project combining handwoven fabric (from Paris) and hand knit collar.
Machine Knit Sweater created with Garment Designer.
Stitch Painter for Beaders You can design and generate beading instructions (text) to aid in the beading process. *with the Beading Plug-In to Stitch Painter
Garment Designer Project: Two-piece Dress, created from an original print designed with Adinkra motif inspiration and printed by Spoonflower.
Garment Designer Project: Mixed Media Jacket made from polar fleece and hand knit sleeves and collar/head scarf.
Creating Positive/Negative Designs with Stitch Painter This is the process to take when creating more involved designs using positive and negative colors.
For over twenty five years Cochenille Design Studio has developed pattern making software, stitch design software, and design aids for textile and fiber enthusiasts. We are practitioners, and actively design and create. Our audience is world wide and ranges from home hobbyists to the fashion industry. Our software works for sewing, knitting, crochet, beading, various stitchery, and other textile arts.

We are the home of Garment Designer pattern making and Stitch Painter stitch design software for Windows or Macintosh. Garment Designer is a pattern drafting program that allows you to create patterns for both sewing, knitting, crochet, etc. Stitch Painter is a grid-based design tool which is specifically geared to the needs of textile and craft designers who work with a grid.

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