Stitch Painter Videos

Stitch Painter Videos on Stitch Painter Functions and additional Plug-ins to get a basic understanding of it’s functions and capabilities. View Stitch Painter Overview offers information on Cochenille’s grid-based design software for knitting beading and stitching. This fabulous grid-based design tool is specifically geared to the needs of textile and craft designers of all sorts and we made it so user-friendly, you scarcely need a manual. Stitch Painter will open endless doors to your creativity, tailoring itself to any design goal that uses a grid, from knits to beading, weaving to tapestry, and cross-stitch to needlepoint, plus others.

Tutorial Videos

Seven videos (QuickTime) are included with Stitch Painter. These walk you through all the workings of the software, plus Tutorials. Over an hour of training!! Please look on your program DVD for the Tutorial videos. If you do not have these videos on your DVD, please contact us at and include your registered program serial number for a digital download of these videos.

Stitch Painter Overview-Cochenille grid-based design software for knitwear, beading and stitchery

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