Stitch Painter

Stitch Painter Gold 3 and 3.5

Stitch Painter Gold 3/3.5 is Cochenille Design Studio’s grid-based design software. It is used for knitting, beading, stitching and crocheting for Windows and Macintosh computers.

Stitch Painter 3 -grid-based software-Macintosh and Windows- knitwear, knitting, crochet, stitching and beading

Windows Stitch Painter Gold 3 and Stitch Painter 3.5 Mac can use a USB Hasp key (dongle).

We have recently released Stitch Painter 3.5.1 for Mac which uses a software key. We are in process with the Windows software key version.

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Current Version
Stitch Painter Gold 3.0 Win
Stitch Painter Gold 3.5.1

• Windows XP to 11
• Macintosh 10.6 to 13