Stitch Painter Training Aids

Stitch Painter Training Aids

Stitch Painter Training Aids are designed to assist you in learning and using your Stitch Painter software

Stitch Painter Lesson Book

Stitch Painter Training Aids-Stitch Painter Lesson Book
This CD contains a PDF book that is the result of online lessons on the use of Stitch Painter on Compuserve. Susan Lazear wrote these lessons with two goals in mind. The first was to teach people how to use Stitch Painter in a ‘project’ oriented approach. The second goal was to teach some basic design skills. (You will be able to print the PDF book or copy it to your computer for easier access.)

The book is written in a step-by-step format and includes 4 extended lessons:
• Motif Development
• Simple Repeat Design
• More Repeat Design and Color.

Knitters Worksheets PDF CD

Stitch Painter Training Aids-Knitter's WorksheetsCochenille Knitter’s Worksheets are an excellent way to get organized when developing hand crafted or computer generated patterns.
There are 4 different worksheets to assist you in the creative process:
• Swatch Record Sheet
• Sweater Project Worksheet
• Sweater Spec Sheet
• Knitter’s Computer Log

This CD also includes a Yarn Inventory template to print and cut. Fill in the yarn information and wrap a sample piece of yarn around the card to keep record of projects. Related Products: Key Ring (A great way to string together your yarn cards)

Stitch Painter Symbol Cards

Stitch Painter Training Aids-Symbol Cards
Cochenille offers a set of 3 symbol charts; one for hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet. The Japanese symbol is illustrated and the operation of how to create the stitch is shown. This is helpful for designing your own patterns as it gives you the most common world standard.
*Each card is double-sided.

Knitter’s Yarn Cards

Stitch Painter Training Aids-yarn cards
Cochenille Yarn Inventory Cards contain a place for you to record all your information, plus a wound strand sample of the yarn for easy reference. You may store these cards in a binder, or on a large ring. Once purchased, this PDF file will be sent via email. For best results, print on cardstock paper to produce as many as you need.