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Garment Designer Videos to learn software basics, functions and capabilities. Review pattern drafting essentials to extended your knowledge of the pattern making software. Create both sewn and knitwear design patterns. View Garment Designer Overview, choose styles and pattern relationships. Set up your project by prepping for sewing and pattern smarts. Help make the most of your software.

Garment Designer Software Overview

Garment Designer Software: Choosing Styles

Garment Designer Software: Pattern Smarts and the Information & Recommendation Window

Garment Designer Software: Style Sets

Garment Designer Software: Armhole & Sleeve Relationships

Garment Designer Software: Prep for Printing and Sewing

Garment Designer Software: Edgings

Garment Designer: Saving Defaults

(Changing Inches to Centimeters)

Garment Designer: Plotter Printing

Garment Designer: Find the Hood Option

Garment Designer: Copying Pattern Dimensions from Pinterest

Garment Designer: Using a Garment Designer Pattern .PDF in Adobe Illustrator


Garment Designer Software: Couture Totes

Garment Designer Software: Holiday


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