Garment Designer Features

Garment Designer Features

Garment Designer Features Slide Show

Garment Designer Features reviews basic functions and categories options in Cochenille’s pattern making and knit design software.

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Sizing and Slopers

  • A full library of standard sizes based on ready-to-wear sizing, including infants, toddlers, children, juniors, petites, misses, women’s, plus sizes, men’s, and even dolls.
  • The option to input your own custom measurements with a choice of Simple-Fit (12 measurements) or Refined-Fit (up to 36 measurements).
  • View a sloper of your body shape sitting inside the pattern you will create.


  • Garment options for tops, dresses, skirts and pants.
  • Build a garment visually by choosing from a variety of style details for garment shapes, necklines, armholes, sleeve styles, etc.
  • Utilize a grid so that you may see the ease allowances provided in the garment.
  • Add extras such as collars, hoods, pockets, bands, ruffles, cuffs, and other garment-defining pieces to stylize your garment.
  • Add finishing items such as facings, bands, extensions, hems, and seam allowances to your pattern.
  • Improved fit with princess styles and darts (bodice side or body darts, waist darts for skirts and pants).
  • Employ Generic Shapes for your creative use. Choose from an assortment of ’roundish’, ‘squarish’, or ‘triangular’ shapes.


  • Work in metric or inches and switch back and forth.
  • Customize the styling by clicking and dragging on garment points.   Control the shape of your curves.
  • Set defaults of your preferred settings.


  • Display garment dimensions for each garment piece, as you work, or for your printouts. Use cumulative or point-to-point mode.
  • Display Stitch and Row counts (knitters or weavers)
  • View the pattern in various scales ranging from screen to full-scale.


  • Knitters, Weavers and Stitchers may choose to input their gauge/sett/count and request shaping instructions for standard, sideways, top-down, and diagonal shaping.
  • Generate shaping instructions in a row by row summary.
  • Create a pixel-per-stitch graphic to take to Stitch Painter and other paint programs for design purposes.
  • Print a full-scale, half-scale or quarter-scale pattern which may be used for sewing and for blocking knit pieces. Print from a home printer or plotter.