Stitch Painter Overview

Stitch Painter software for Macintosh and Windows is a grid-based design software for knitting beading and stitching. There are many fine paint programs out there, but in our world of textile and craft design, we soon found that no single program could do everything Cochenille Design Studio needed it to do. So we did something about it! We developed Stitch Painter.This fabulous grid-based design tool is specifically geared to the needs of textile and craft designers of all sorts and we made it so user-friendly, you scarcely need a manual. Stitch Painter will open endless doors to your creativity, tailoring itself to any design goal that uses a grid, from knits to beading, weaving to tapestry, and cross-stitch to needlepoint, plus others.

Stitch Painter Overview-Cochenille grid-based design software for knitwear, beading and stitcheryStitch Painter 3 Gold operates in a color-grid world and everything is counted in stitches and rows. The grid may be setup as square or rectangular, and thus you can use the software for multiple textile arts. We also include a Symbols panel and a Textures panel so you can design with these as well. Various Plug-in modules customize Stitch Painter further for certain end uses such as stitchery, beading or intelligently importing and color reducing graphic images.
You may print directly from Stitch Painter or export in standard formats, thus allowing you to take imagery to publishing packages or other programs.

Current Shipping Version for Macintosh
Stitch Painter Gold 3.5.1 Mac (with Software Key)  for all OS – Digital Download

Current Versions in Use for Macintosh
Stitch Painter Gold 3.5 Mac (with Hardware Key) for OS Catalina through Sonoma. – Digital Download
Stitch Painter Gold 3.1 for Mac (prior version with Hardware key, and still in use with existing users)

Current Shipping Version for Windows
Stitch Painter Gold 3.5 Windows (with Software Key) for Windows XP through 11 – Digital Download

Current Versions in User for Windows
Stitch Painter Gold 3.0 Windows (prior version with Hardware key, and still in use with existing users) – Digital Download

Note: DVD versions can be shipped for an additional cost of $7.00

Current shipping versions of Stitch Painter uses a Software Key. This involves a software license activation code and password.