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About Us – Cochenille Design Studio


For over twenty five years Cochenille has been involved in the creation of design aids. We are practitioners, and actively design and create. Our audience is world wide and ranges from home hobbyists to the fashion industry.

Cochenille offers a variety of software and design aids for textile and fiber enthusiasts. We are the home of Garment Designer and Stitch Painter software for Windows or Macintosh.

Garment Designer is a pattern drafting program that allows you to create patterns for both sewing and knitting. To learn more about this pattern making software please choose from the website menu option or click on the link below.

Stitch Painter is a grid-based design tool, specifically geared to the needs of textile and craft designers. This program can be applied to Knitwear design, Beading and Stitchery. It includes the Full Color Import function which allows you to import a JPEG image for the purpose of breaking it down into a grid design. To learn more about Stitch Painter please choose from the website menu option or click on the link below.

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