Knitter's and Sewer's Worksheets

November 2020 Specials

This month we are offering our Sewer’s and Knitter’s Worksheets at a discount. They are regularly $18.00 but will be on sale for $15.00. You can choose between the digital download option or a CD option to be mailed.

This month we are featuring Sewer’s Worksheets and Knitter’s Worksheets
The Sewer’s and Knitter’s Worksheets were created as part of the Let’s Get Organized series by Cochenille. Each set contains editable PDF worksheets that allow you to organize your samples, projects, and more. See the reverse side for more information.

As a bonus, the Sewer’s Worksheets add a Fabric and Trim PDF and the Knitter’s Worksheets add a Yarn Inventory template PDF.

Go to our Specials page for information.

We have created a 2-page Fact Sheet on this product, which you can download by clicking here  or use the link below.

Webinar Discount

We will continue our Webinar Special: Buy one, get one at 25% off. Use the code ExtraWebinar at checkout. If you want to take four webinars, it would be simplest to place two separate orders in order to get the discount twice.

Webinars this month include:

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Note: we had a conflict in the timing of the Twenty Pattern Guidelines webinar and have updated/changed the time to 12 noon on the same day

Pants, Pants – Measuring and Working Towards a Better Fit  (Part A)
Monday, November 9th, 11 am PT
Web-102A  More Info

Twenty Pattern Guidelines
Saturday, November 14th, 2020. 12 pm PT
Web-109  More Info

Fit Preferences: Understanding How you Like your Clothing to Fit
Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 11 am PT
Web-138.  More Info

Project Blouse: Start to Finish. *** New
Saturday, November 21st 2 pm PT
Web 150A   More Info

Pant Fit Workshop
Monday, November 30, 2020, 11 am PT
Web 102B   More Info

Webinar Video Series

“Walking Tour of Garment Designer 2.5”

Take a tour of Garment Designer with Susan Lazear as your tour guide! Susan will show you Garment Designer’s main attractions as well as help you discover destinations you may not have known existed. This tour will help seasoned travelers and new tourists explore Cochenille’s pattern making software. So join us and take a scenic stroll through Garment Designer’s menus, shortcuts and capabilities to help you gain a sense of direction when navigating our program!

“20 Pattern Guidelines”

If you alter or create your own patterns, then it is time you increase your knowledge of pattern rules that professionals know and understand. In the class you will see how simple it can be…if you understand the basics. Study the anatomy of a pattern, learn how to change it properly and how to relate ease to fit. This is a great webinar to review or learn important patterning fundamentals. Garment Designer will be used to demonstrate examples.

“From Fashion Windows to Actual Garments”

From Fashion Windows to Actual Garments webinar will take you through the process of analyzing the fashions you see in store windows, online or elsewhere and then building the pattern in Garment Designer.

Learn some great Garment Designer and patterning tips and turn your next window shopping experience or Pinterest board into actual garments. A series of different garments will be shown and used in this workshop. You will learn how to interpret the styles and how to creatively use your software to make the pattern.

Webinar Video-126-ArtofMeasuring“The Art of Taking Measurements”

This webinar focuses on the art of taking measurements properly and accurately, for Garment Designer and general pattern making. It will also cover what part of the pattern ameasurement affects, and how better fit can be achieved, with the proper measurement in place.

Webinar Video-107-Intro2SP“Let’s Do a Project! An Introduction to Stitch Painter”

Are you a new Stitch Painter user? Maybe you need a refresher? This webinar will demonstrate the basic workings of Stitch Painter, Cochenille’s Stitch Design program. This program can also be used for Beading, Stitchery, Mosaics or any graph based design. Learn how to approach a project, use the Tools, Repeat, and other basic menus.

Webinar Video-104-IntrotoGD

“I’ve opened the box, now what? An introduction to Garment Designer”

This webinar video is for people who are basically just starting, or who need a complete refresher on how to approach creating garment patterns with Garment Designer. It’s time to get going, so let’s walk through the steps of thought, measurement basics, and so on. Follow along with Susan Lazear as she walks you through the basic functions of designing a simple garment. We    have included some of the questions that were asked during the  recording used for this video

“From Kyoto to Tokyo Japan using Garment Designer”

This video includes 40 minutes of fashion trends overview and 30 minutes of demonstration of using Garment designer to build 4 garments, inspired by the fashions seen in Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan. Review current trends in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. See what is in the store windows and on the street. Then, using Garment Designer, learn how to build patterns for some of these garments. We will stretch your mind by choosing garments that  are creative in their design and/or require a slightly different approach in Garment Designer.

“Armhole Sleeve Relationships”

If you alter patterns, or want to draft them ‘from scratch’, Susan will teach you the basics of armhole and sleeve combinations. Understand how changes made to the armhole affect the sleeve and enjoy learning how to draft/create a multitude of sleeve styles. Garment Designer will be used to demonstrate examples.

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