Webinar: Pant Fit Workshop

Monday, November 30, 2020, 11 am PT

This webinar is a Pant Fit Workshop and is designed for those who have taken the Pants, Pants – Measuring and Working Towards a Better Fit webinar recently, either as part of this series, or earlier in April 2020 (as the content was updated at that time).  In advance of our meeting, participants will complete a Fit Analysis worksheet, then, draft a pattern in Garment Designer and sew a muslin using the knowledge gained in the first webinar. Then during this Fit Workshop webinar, fit problems and resolutions will be discussed. They will also be asked to take a front, back, and side view photo of their muslin pant to submit in advance if they want feedback.
Registration for this webinar is limited due to the nature of the workshop format.

** Lorraine Henry, inventor of the Measuring Made Easy tape, and fit expert will join us in this webinar to provide additional opinion.

Price: $25.00