New Mexico Garment Designer Workshop/Retreat

August 22nd to August 26th, 2024 Cimarron, New Mexico We are continuing our tradition of truly retreating in an amazing location and spending focused time with Garment Designer. So, we return to Cimarron, New Mexico and the 100-year-old inn we...Read More

Variations on a Theme

Just as music has variations to a theme, so can we, using Garment Designer. In this webinar, you will learn how to take one pattern and apply different variations to it to create multiple looks. This is an ideal approach...Read More

Pants, Pants… Working Towards a Better Fit

If fitting pants is your challenge; this webinar will help you learn how to measure your body and components of actual pants that fit. Then, learn how to use the right sequence in Garment Designer to build the pattern you...Read More

Garment Designer: Did you know? (Part 1)

This webinar is the 1st part of 2 webinars. It presents a list of things about Garment Designer that many people don’t always know. Test your knowledge and increase your awareness about using the software.