Webinar: Creative Approaches to Copying Ready-to-Wear

Creative Approaches to Copying Ready-to-Wear Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 11 a.m.  PT Web-140 https://shop.cochenille.com/collections/webinars-online/products/webinar-approaches-to-copying-ready-to-wear-1 Learn to create patterns from your favorite clothing! The art of translating a garment you see to a pattern is a simple learned skill. Whether you...Read More

Webinar: Unique Color Design with Stitch Painter

Unique Color Design with Stitch Painter Wednesday, August 24th, 11 a.m. Web-139 https://shop.cochenille.com/collections/webinars-online/products/webinar-unique-color-design-with-stitch-painter Stitch Painter is a grid-design tool for any textile person who creates on a grid. Whether you are a knitter, weaver, crocheter, beader, needleworker, or other, you...Read More

Webinar: Creative Facing Alternative

Creative Facing Alternatives Tuesday, August 16th, 2022 1 pm  PT Web-118 https://shop.cochenille.com/collections/webinars-online/products/webinar-facing-alternatives   Are you tired of using the standard facing? Why not explore some alternatives to facings as gleaned by paying attention to designer clothing. Susan will share multiple...Read More

Webinar: Let’s Make Capes and Coats with Garment Designer

Let’s Make Capes and Coats with Garment Designer Wednesday, August 10th , 20212  11 a.m.  PT Web-162 https://shop.cochenille.com/collections/webinars-online/products/lets-make-capes-and-coats-with-garment-designer Let's Make Capes and Coats will feature the development of over-garments that suit us well during the cooler months. It will cover...Read More

Webinar: Armhole and Sleeve Relationships

Monday, July 25th, 2022 1 pm PT If you alter patterns, or want to draft them ‘from scratch’, Susan will teach you the basics of armhole and sleeve combinations. Understand how changes made to the armhole affect the sleeve and...Read More