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*Please hold off on updating your OS until we are able to release an update to the HASP key driver from the manufacturers
. If you update, your software will be inoperable.

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Garment Designer

Overview Video Click the Back button on your browser to exit video.

Garment Designer for Windows or Macintosh is a garment design program that has been on the market since 2001. It allows sewers to print a pattern, in tiled pages from a standard printer, to tape together. It also allows knitters to build and chart a garment. Knitters quickly found that the paper pattern was an excellent tool to use for blocking knits into perfect shape. Garment Styler was the previous version available from 1995 to 2001.

Garment Designer contains all the feature of our Garment Styler (Garment Designer's 'little sister'), plus a lot more. Those of you who own Styler may upgrade to the Designer version. Garment Designer utilizes a security process that requires a physical USB key (dongle).

Garment Designer provides a multitude of features which make your design world not only simple, but very visual, and in general, a lot of fun. Before we begin to discuss all the new features users will find, let's quickly overview the basic approach to design that Garment Styler provides. Since the Designer version includes all of Styler's features, this will set a good foundation.

The premise of the Garment Styler is that a user may choose a standard size to begin the design process. These include Women's 2-50, Men's 32-50, Children's and Infant's, sizes as well as several dolls and even some stuffed animals. Simply choose the menu, and slide up or down to the desired size. Or, if one prefers, he/she may enter one's own personal measurements and create a pattern that works with the shape of their body. Once you've chosen a style, you see a sloper of your body, in green on the screen. The pattern (in black) surrounds the sloper and with the grid feature tuned on, one can quickly see how much ease is allowed in any given style. For further information, one can turn on the garment's dimensions and quickly see a schematic presentation of the garment. To build a garment, you simply choose amongst the numerous menu items in each of the sub design groups; body style, neckline, armhole, shoulder, and sleeve. This mix and match approach provides hundreds of thousands of combinations for the user to explore. In addition, you may add bands or ribs to the garment and the software will understand to remove them when charting a pattern piece. Garment Styler allows one to print out knitting instructions (in a knitters cheat sheet format), which is ideal for machine knitters. It also allows you to print the pattern pieces in full scale as well as half and quarter scale. These are helpful for those who want to draw on the pattern and then use a knit leader/radar to shape the garment and apply intarsia, etc.

Susan, Melisa and Cochenille Staff

So What's Included in Designer?

There are many wonderful features in Designer.

The first thing you will notice is that the organization of the Style menus and screen has changed slightly. Garments and Styles have been re-categorized into Tops, Dresses and Bottoms. You even have the option to view a Top and Bottom at the same time so you can see how an ensemble will work together, ease-wise and proportion wise.

Click and Drag Perhaps the most exciting feature in Designer is the addition of click and drag. If you click on a pattern piece, points will pop up and you will see various points, lines and curves. You will see points at the ends of segments, and you will see curve control arms that will allow you to control the shapes of your curves by simply clicking and dragging on the curve control point. Designer uses bezier curves which gives you excellent control over their shape. Users will find that Designer behaves much like Illustrator and other CAD design programs. You can easily move the points to customize the shaping of your body. In general, the best way to work is to find a combination of styles that gets you close to what you want, and then to click and drag the points around until you achieve the custom garment you want. You may click on any line and move that as well, plus you can see it's length and other info in the Info window in the lower corner of the document. This is very helpful information.

Increased Options of Garment Display and DesignIf you like, you may display any combination of left/right, front/back of your garments pieces. In addition, you may choose to have the pieces joined or separate. This allows you to design and visualize asymmetrical garments.

Improved Dimensions and Stitch/Row CountsNow you have further options of displaying the dimensions of your garment. You may choose to view cumulative or point to point dimensions or stitch/row counts. Dimensions are displayed in black and stitch/row counts are displayed in green. If you start adding too many options, you will need to zoom to a larger scale, as the screen becomes busy with numbers. A new bonus is that you may now choose where your 'zero' point will be for both dimensions and counts. Simple click on the appropriate number position and it becomes the new zero point. This becomes particularly important when you begin to do sideways and upside down knitting (discussed below).

Armholes and SleevesArmhole/Sleeve Video Click the Back button on your browser to exit video.
As Styler, the Designer version automatically builds the sleeves to match the armhole you have given it. Thus, if you lower a set-in sleeve armhole, the program will automatically rebuild the sleeve cap for you. As most of you know, this is the most difficult part of patternmaking. Click here to see a before and after armhole/sleeve. At last, the raglan sleeve has arrived. As promised, it is very intelligent and provides the proper neck shaping at the top of the sleeve. Note that the grey lines indicate where the original armhole sleeve was positioned. Saddle Shoulder and other style combos can be found in the software as well.

Measurements for the Not-so-Perfect BodyGarment Styler gave you a Simple-Fit sloper that allowed you to input 12 basic body measurements. If you are not symmetrical, you have the option to use the Refined-Fit sloper. As you can see by clicking here, you can add additional measurement to reflect a back and front that are different and in some cases a left and right. You do not necessarily have to enter all the measurements as Designer is smart enough to average or add those not filled in. However, you must have all the basic measurements as requested by the original Styler. If you do not feel like taking all your measurements, you can start with the closest standard size and edit and add measurements as you please. Just remember to rename the sloper and save it so that it will become part of the custom library. If you choose to work with the 'refined-fit' sloper, you will see that the front and back patterns and different and the sleeve cap is not necessarily symmetrical. In addition, the armhole may be curved and contoured as dressmaker's armholes. These features will allow you the 'St. John's' or tailored look you've always wanted.

DartsIf you are busty, or simply want a more contoured fit, Designer has now added darts to the program. You can either add a trued dart (for sewing) or a cut-out dart which may be used by sewers or knitters. If you make the center of the dart perfectly horizontal to the bust apex, you will get simple shaping instructions for short-rowing darts into your garments. Darts are available on most tops, dresses and even in the skirts. You may adjust the size of the dart, its position and its length. This gives you great control.

SkirtsDesigner introduces Skirts as a separate category. At the present time the following skirt styles exist in the program; straight (with and without slits), gored, flared dirndl, wrap, A-line, trumpet. Each has variations as per styling or waist treatment, so the list of options becomes very long. If you want better fit at the waist, you can choose to add darts to the skirt which reduces the fullness at the waist but may necessitate a waistband.

PantsPant templates have been added to Designer. There are two tutorials that teach you how to copy a favorite pair, and how to draft a pair 'from scratch', utilizing your crotch depth and crotch length measurements. Even though we intended our pants to be 'starting points', we have been pleasantly surprised at user feedback. Apparently, very little adjustment is needed.

More Knitting Modes and Advanced Shaping InstructionsGarment Designer now adds upside down and sideways knitting instructions. Once you have entered your gauge, set the zero point and requested the graphics (which now all appear in one window) you may click on any piece and rotate or flip it. Designer can then interpret the shape and provide shaping instructions for that piece. All instructions now appear in one file, and it is a one-step operation for all body pieces. Bands can be requested in one step as well.

User Header Fields and User Info FieldsThis new feature is in direct response to user's requests. It will allow one to record and save further information about your project (such as Yarn, Tensions, Customer, etc.) You may choose which of these prints on the Shaping Instructions by clicking on the check box in the dialog. Click here to check these out.

Ability to Set PreferencNow you may set preferences so that when you open the program and documents you will have the setup you want. You can set metric/inches, the sloper size, garment display layout, whether dimensions or grid are on, etc.
Ability to Add Hems, Extensions, Facings, Seam Allowan
Prep for Sewing Video Click the Back button on your browser to exit video.
Sewers will love the abilities they have to add these features. Simply click on the appropriate segment or segments and choose to add a hem, extension, facing or seam allowance (you may choose the width of any of these). Although many of these are sewing features, extensions and hems are reflected in the knitting instructions, should you want them. You may specify the width of any and all of these. Of course, if you sew and knit, you may take full advantage of these new features.
Print Prev
When you are ready to print paper patterns in full scale, you may want to turn on Print Preview which lets you see how many pages of paper you will be needing. This is particuarly helpful if you only want to print out the neckline of a garment for a template for cut and sewn knits. Try experimenting with landscape versus portrait printing, as sometimes one mode requires less pages.

There are additional features one will find with Designer, but unfortunately, space is limited. Garment Styler owners may upgrade into Designer, so they should contact their Cochenille dealer or contact Cochenille direct. DAK and Creation 6 users may take the graphic silhouette that Garment Styler produces, copy it to the clipboard and import it into their software. Stitch Painter owners may take the Garment Designer shape and paste it on the grid for engineered stitch design. This new Stitch Painter file may be exported as a CUT or DAK (single pixel PCX) file to take to other design software.

We at Cochenille would like to thank all of our users who have provided us with wish lists, feedback, etc. It is the customer base that keeps us going. We trust this that Garment Designer will provide you with many creative hours and numerous outstanding designer garments.

Garment Designer Quick Feature List

  • A Sloper of one's personal body shape which sits inside the garment as you design. This may be turned on or off as you work.
  • Choice of Simple or Better Fit Slopers, the latter of which accomodates the non-perfect body.
  • A library of standard sized slopers including from infants, toddlers, children, juniors, petites, misses, women's and men's.
  • Create a custom library of personal sizes and shapes.
  • Ability to print Sloper measurements for your files.
  • Design options for tops (of all types), dresses, skirts and pants.
  • Build a garment visually by choosing from a variety of style details for garment shapes, necklines, armholes, sleeve styles, etc.
  • Customize the styling by clicking and dragging on garment points.
  • Control the shape of your curves.
  • Turn on a grid so that you may see the ease allowances provided in the garment.
  • Work in metric or inches and switch back and forth.
  • Set preferences so that each document opens at the starting point you want.
  • Add facings, bands, extensions, hems, and seam allowances to your pattern.
  • Add side darts to your bodice or waist darts to your skirts.
  • Display dimensionsfor each garment piece so that you have schematic information for your reference. These may be displayed in a cumulative mode or in a point-to-point mode.
  • Display Stitch and Row counts (for knitters).
  • Set the '0' point of your dimensions/counts.
  • Knitters and Weavers may choose to request shaping instructions for standard, sideways and upside down shaping.
  • Create a 'pixel per stitch' graphic which can be copied through the clipboard to Stitch Painter and other paint programs for design purposes.
  • Generate shaping instructions in a row by row summary.
  • Input a specific gauge/sett/count in order to create shaping instructions.
  • Display and print a full scale, half scale or quarter scale pattern which may be used for sewing and for blocking garment pieces.
  • Hundreds of thousands of combinations of styles, including tops, contoured tops, vests, dresses, and skirts.
  • Additional features which are still be tuned, and/or added.
  • Collars (including multiple styles from each of the following groups: flat, standing, full-roll, partial-roll). You can literally choose a collar style for almost every neck style, so you options are endless. It is pretty amazing to have the program do all the hard drafting work.
  • Tailored Notched Collar. You can alter the shape of the lapel at your leisure.
  • Hoods, for the ever popular 'hoodies'.
  • Cuffs (inlcuding Tailored and Barrel styles)
  • Pockets (including Inner, Outer (patch), In-seam and Specialty pockets (such as pant and jean styles). You control the placement position (Chest, Hip, Hem, Hip). Use the centering mark of the pocket to assist you with embroidery work if you are a machine embroiderer.
  • Edgings - where you control the width, flare, gather ratio and placement on the garment.
  • Generic Shapes for your creative use. Choose from an assortment of 'roundish', 'squarish', or 'triangular' shapes.
  • Princess Style Templates (with shoulder dart princess, and armhole dart princess options)
  • Empire-Style Tops and Dress, as well as an Empire Skirt (which may be coordinated with the Top to create a wonderful empire dress.
  • Double Body Dart options.
  • Diagonal Rotation of Garments.
  • Use this in Diagonal knitting or Bias-cut garment design.
  • OSX-native capability
  • New Built in Help files and
  • Online Help files access
  • Installs a searchable PDF Manual

As usual, the pattern editing is simple, allowing for great creativity. Designer has never been stronger!

Garment Designer Features(2005)
Quick Gallery:

Garment Designer Windows Screen
Garment Designer Mac Screen
Better Fit Measurement Window
New Raglan Style
New Saddle Shoulder Styles
Pagination Feature
Click and Drag Points
Counts for Knitters
Darts for Sewers or Knitters
Printing Patterns in 1/4, 1/2 or full scale (33k/22k) as in Styler

Style Sets :

Style Set Video(Click the Back button on your browser to exit video.)
Style Sets are optional plug-ins to Garment Designer which add more style options to mix and match with existing styles. There are generally 50 new style features per Style Set, based on current fashions and User requests.

Style Set 1 for Garment Styler or Garment Designer
This Style Set contains 50+ new styles (body styles, neckline, skirt, pants, etc) that mix and match with existing Garment Designer styles and Style Set 1. To see what isincluded in the set, download the following PDF file listed below:
Style Set 1 PDF (2.2 MB)
SW-0401-W Style Set 1, Windows $25
SW-0401-M Style Set 1, Mac $25

Style Set 2 for Garment Designer
This Style Set contains 50+ new styles (body styles, neckline, skirt, pants, etc) that mix and match with existing Garment Designer styles and Style Set 1. To see what isincluded in the set, download the following PDF file listed below:
Style Set 2 PDF (1.9 MB)
SW-0402-W Style Set 2, Windows $25
SW-0402-M Style Set 2, Mac $25

Images of some of the New Garment Designer 2.0 styles:

All of the following styles were designed and created by Betty Abbott of Christchurch, New Zealand. More images will be added to this area soon.

Tailored Cuff and Collar, Yoke detail and Pocket Tailored Cuff and Collar, Yoke detail and Pocket Yoke detail and Collar, front Yoke detail and Collar, back showing box pleat
Princess Seam from Shoulder Princess Seam from Armhole Trouser Pocket, sewn to create the skirt opening. Trouser pocket.
Tailored Collar (revere-style) Tailored Collar (revere-style), side view Pocket in jacket Trouser pocket.
Tailored Shirt      


Computer Requirements:

Due to its CAD abilities, Garment Designer 2.5 prefers a little 'oomph' on the computer.

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8
  • Mac 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 &10.9
  • Ram: Most new computers will have ample RAM to run the program. We suggest a minimum of 32 megs.
  • USB Hasp security key is included and requireid to operate the program
  • Program installs from a DVD-R disc

Demo Software :

2,1 Windows Demo (zipped file). Unzips to a working folder with program inside. You will need to create a shortcut.

Macintosh Demo-OS 10.6 or below (zipped files) Decompresses to a working folder with the program inside. You will need to create an alias if you want one. OS 10.7 or above (zipped files) demo.

Prices and Product Numbers:

Garment Designer 2.5
SW-0300-2.5-W Designer 2.5 for Windows $199.00
SW-0300-2.5-M Designer 2.5 for Mac $199.00

Style Sets
SW-0401-W Style Set 1, Windows $25
SW-0401-M Style Set 1 Mac $25

SW-0402-W Style Set 2, Windows $25
SW-0402-M Style Set 2, Mac $25

SW-04012-W Style Set 1&2, Windows $50
SW-04012-M Style Set 1&2, Mac $50

Garment Designer 2.5 with Style Sets
SW-B-01-W - Garment Designer 2.5 and Style Sets 1&2 for Windows $249.00
SW-B-01-M - Garment Designer 2.5 and Style Sets 1&2 for Macintosh $249.00

Garment Designer Upgrade 2.1 to 2.5
SW-0301-UG-2.1to2.5-W Designer upgrade from Designer 2.1 to Designer 2.5 /Windows $40
SW-0301-UG-2.1to2.5-M Designer upgrade from Designer 2.1 to Designer 2.5.3 /Mac $40

Garment Designer Upgrade 2 to 2.5
SW-0301-UG-2to2.5-W Designer upgrade from Designer 2 to Designer 2.5/Windows $55
SW-0301-UG-2to2.5-M Designer upgrade from Designer 2 to Designer 2.5.3/Mac $55

Garment Designer Upgrade 1 to 2.5
SW-0301-UG-1to2.5-W Designer upgrade from Designer 1 to Designer 2.5 /Windows $95
SW-0301-UG-1to2.5-M Designer upgrade from Designer 1 to Designer 2.5.3 /Mac $95

Garment Designer Upgrade Styler to 2.5
SW-0301-UG-StoD2.5-W Designer upgrade from Styler to Designer 2.5 /Windows $155
SW-0301-UG-StoD2.5-M Designer upgrade from Styler to Designer 2.5.3 /Mac $155

Garment Designer 2.5 Replacement Disc
SW-0320-W Garment Designer 2.5 Replacement Disc/Windows $10.00
SW-0320-M Garment Designer 2.5 Replacement Disc/Mac $10.00

CA residents need to add their local sales tax. Shipping charges may be seen on our order page.

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