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Cochenille develops an assortment of design-aid products which assist you in your creative endeavors.

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Symbol Charts
Yarn Inventory Cards

Garment Plastic Templates
Louise Doll
RGB Art Disk for color management

Color Aid swatch book with Cochenille RGB translation

Hurth Measuring Ruler

Ursula Hurth, owner of Home Atelier in Germany, has developed a measuring tool which facilitates the measuring process of your body and of finished garments. It involves three rulers that all work together. You can easily square the rulers off to each other, and measure lengths, widths, and depths. You can also measure the angles of slopes.

Here is a video on how we use this great tool.

Here is a link to a PDF file that explains more about how to use the ruler.

#DAR-0207 $20.00


Laminated Symbol Charts

There are 3 symbol charts in the set, one for hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet. The Japanese symbol is shown and the operation of how to create the stitch is shown. This is helpful for designing your own patterns as it gives you the most common world standard.

Each card is double-sided.


#DA-0118 $8.00


Yarn Inventory Cards

If you are a craft person, you share our passion for yarn. But the delight in the endless variety of styles, textures and colors of yarn often means that more comes into your house than goes out. If so, you need our Yarn Inventory Cards. These are mailed on CD or emailed as a PDF file. From this PDF you can print on Cardstock to produce as many as you need.

You may store these cards in a binder, or on a large key ring.

#DA-0308-CD $5.00
#DA-0308-Email $5.00

Knitter's Worksheets

These worksheets are developed for people who want to make their own patterns, whether by hand or computer. Moving to this level of creativity necessitates a certain amount of organization. These worksheets were initially developed by Susan for her students at Mesa college. The goal was to organize their thoughts prior to sitting in front of the computer. It is amazing how a little up-front thought goes a long way to facilitating success. There are 4 different worksheets if printed as couble sided.

$15.00 DA-0208 CD with PDF files so you may print your own. This CD also includes a Yarn inventory template so you can make the above pictured Yarn inventory Cards. (Both Windows and Mac compatible. We recommend using card stock Paper when printing for durability)

Sweater Spec Worksheet - First, you need to think through how to approach making the pattern. For this we have the sweater spec Worksheet. Keep track of all the details of your patterns including the style details, inspirational clipping, flat drawing with general dimensions. By working through this sheet, you will be educating yourself for future projects. You will develop an understanding of how deep armholes are, what you preferred neckline width is, etc.

Sweater Project Worksheet - The interesting thing about creating your own patterns is that there are no instructions! So, once you have figured out how to do it, you don't want to forget it in case you would like to re knit that project in a different color. This worksheet helps you with the process.

Swatch Record Worksheet - This worksheet helps you keep track of information we tend to forget after we have put the swatch down. ie. . Tension, weights, Yarn Name, Yarn Manufacturer, Fiber content, Color/Dye lot . . .

Computer Log - Of course, once you get going with computer design, you need to keep track of where you save your various files. This worksheet allows you record this information.


Garment Plastic Templates

Our plastic templates of garments can aid you in drawing and planning garments. Years ago, we found a plastic template set and began to use the garments on it to assist us in sketching quick sweater ideas. Other folk commented on the templates and we tried to get another one from the store, only to find that the source was unknown. Thus, we proceeded to produce our own garment tops template on a heavy sheet of 8-1/2" X 11" plastic. The sheet consists of 'innies' and 'outies'. The 'innies' are the little plastic garments that you can string together. The 'outies' thus becomes the outer shapes on a three-ring plastic sheet which fits conveniently in a binder.

Susan often uses the 'innies' to sketch quick garments in proportion. She will carry them in her purse for quick handling. She uses the 'outies' for the same purpose, however she also uses the negative image of the 'outies' to pan over imagery to see and view potential garment designs.


#SP-101 Tops , $7.50

The Luise Doll

Louise is a 1/4 scale flat jointed doll that is an exact 1/4 scale of Garment Styler's Size 10 Woman.

How can you use this doll?

  • Prototype your design ideas in 1/4 scale prior to spending hours making a full scale garment, only to find that your ideas/proportions didn't work.
  • Print out 1/4 scale sewing patterns to work out pattern drafting ideas.
  • Knit or sew quarter scale garments to give as ornaments, etc.
  • Make 'matching' daughter and doll outfits!
  • Enjoy playing 'dolls', not matter what you age.
  • Build sample garments for display in your store.


Available in Tan or Black. (please specify color choice)
DA-0204 Single Price: $12.00 2 Dolls for $22.00 3 Dolls for $30.00


Below are two products which we have devised or enhanced to allow people to mix andmatch color in RGB with greater ease. See our FAQ page for further explantion on how to use each product.

RGB Art Disk for Color Management

Do you have trouble mixing colors to match your yarns or threads? Does the R-G-B color theory baffle you? You need our RGB disk. See Sample File.

We have taken the time to create a visual display of more than 1,330 colors with RGB formulas, and arranged them in such as way that you can learn more about mixing colors. Load the images into your paint program and match your yarns or materials 'on-screen'. If you need to have your color printouts be the exact color, you can print out each of the 11 pages on the disk, and then match the material to the printout.

Works with any Paint program that loads PCX files (Windows) or Pict files (Mac).

#AD-0110 $12.00

Color Aid Swatch Book with Cochenille's Color Translation

Stash this Color Pak of 314 color chips in your purse or pocket. Then, when you see a color or color combination that you like, use the book to find the closest match.

Each chip has a number on the back, which allows you to record the color. Cochenille Staff took the time to mix the colors in RGB and we make this available with the Color Pak purchase. With this tool, you can look up the RGB formula for any color in the pak.

#DAR-0100 $40.00 for Color Pak
#DAR-0100a $3.50 for Ring

Check out this video to see the many ways we use the Color Pak!! This is a .mp4 quicktime movie.






Color Cards, punched with a hole and on a ring
Color Cards, punched with a hole and on a ring
Matching yarn to cards
Matching to a scarf
Yarns to match the
RGB Chart by Cochenille
Mixing the color in Stitch Painter
Using the color in Stitch Painter