Can I use Garment Designer to create knit patterns for both hand and/or machine knitting?

Yes, Garment Designer is an excellent tool for creating knit patterns, as well as sewing patterns.
If you already have Garment Designer, please refer to your Garment Designer manual for more information about knitting. Appendix C will have must read information on how to use the shaping instructions. We also suggest going through Tutorial 3 in your manual to gain more knowledge about the knitting with Garment Designer.
Here are some highlights of our program for knitters, for a larger list of overall features please view Garment Designer Overview and Features on our website
  • Generate shaping charts for regular, top-down and sideways knitting
  • Display Stitch and Row counts
  • Knitters, Weavers and Stitchers may choose to input their gauge/sett/count and request shaping instructions for standard, sideways, top-down, and diagonal shaping.
  • Generate shaping instructions in a row by row summary.
  • Create a pixel-per-stitch graphic to take to Stitch Painter and other paint programs for design purposes.
  • Print a full-scale, half-scale or quarter-scale pattern which may be used for sewing and for blocking knit pieces.
  • The choice to work in Sew, Knit, or Universal
    mode, thus customizing the menu and program
    functions to your needs.
  • Shaping instructions in a row-by-row summary
    which can be used by knitters or weavers.
  • A Yarn Calculator for knitters to determine how
    much yarn to purchase.
  • The option to display counts for each garment
    piece so that you have a visual reference of
    stitches/rows. (Knit mode)
  • The ability to add ‘bands’ which may be used by
    knitters for ribbings/welts. (Knit mode) made an excellent video showing how one can use Garment Designer for knitting with a machine:

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