How do I know if my Style Sets are installed on Garment Designer?

There are a few quick ways to tell if your Style sets have been installed.

1. Go to your Garment Designer Application Folder

Mac: Finder > Applications > Garment Designer
Windows: C: Drive > Garment Designer Folder

In this Garment Designer folder you should see Style sets 1 & 2 manuals. These would not be installed if they were not on your program disc.

You should also see two data files in your Plugins folder for Style Sets 1 & 2 (these will not open from this folder if they are clicked on, but are used by the Garment Designer program):

The manuals show where to locate the specific styles while in the Garment Designer program.

You can also open Garment Designer up and under the “Top Styleā€¯ menu (while in the Basic Top group Category) you will be able to see some of the additional styles highlighted below:

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