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Posted by cds242 on February 5, 2017 / 
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Announcing Cochenille Challenges!

Have you ever found that one needs a deadline in order to move your creative projects up the list of ‘must do’s’? We have recognized this reality, and thus, Cochenille is going to start setting out design challenges and invite our users to partake.

Approximately monthly, we will post a challenge using either Garment Designer, or Stitch Painter, or both (dependent upon the challenge). Users who partake can enter a challenge through a submission of imagery emailed to Cochenille ( We’ll post the results and a winner will be chosen. Winners will receive a gift certificate for Cochenille product.

There could be two ways to partake in the challenge.

  1. Design in Garment Designer or Stitch Painter and simply submit your file to share in our slideshow.
  2. To qualify for a gift certificate prize, you must go one step further. You must execute the design beyond a file on the computer. This could amount to e.g. a sample swatch (if knitting), a test stitchery sample (if needlework) or a small quarter or half-scale sewn garment if sewing with Garment Designer.

Upcoming Challenges

February   The Theme of Hearts (see the next blog entry)

March       Design a unique fob for your Hasp Key.

April          Pieced Design Garment (knit or sewn).

Details on each challenge will be posted.

Here is a prelude to this month’s challenge.

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