Measuring Using Your Body

Measuring Using Your Body can be an easy way to take notes on measurements you see while window shopping. If you’re not walking around with our handy dandy measuring tape use this idea instead. I give all the credit on this idea to Susan Lazear who taught it in a lecture she gave.

A note pad and pen is all you really need to record your measurements. You can also take pictures with your phone if you don’t happen to have a way to write the measurements. Besides that there is a little prep work.

Start by measurement different parts of your body that you could use for measureming. I measured my arm from my elbow to the tips of my middle finger and the span of my index finger to my thumb. I also took note of measurements from the tip of my finger to two different knuckle on my finger. With this knowledge and my phone and note pad in hand, I was ready!

Please view the slide show and the tip!

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