Child’s Hoodie Pattern

Child’s Hoodie Pattern

Create a child’s hoodie pattern Using Garment Designer. Fall is fast approaching and it time to pull out your winter clothes. If you have toddlers then you know how fast they grow. It’s either back to the store or back to the drawing board.

I decided to create a pattern for a Toddler’s hoodie size 3T. There are a few approaches to take on how to create the pattern. The first would be to take your child’s measurements. This is not always easy with a toddler. The second is to measure the last size that fit them to create the pattern. Once finished, save the pattern and change the size to the next size up.

The third option is to recreate from an already existing Garment in the size you are looking to make. I went with this 3rd as I just happen to receive a hoodie as a gift from a friend. However it’s always good to have a backup or two in case one gets dirty. Any parent knows, this is often the case.

There are just 5 things you need. A piece of paper, a pen, a ruler, the garment and of course Garment Design. Pen in hand an ruler ready I take my measurements and write them down.


Once I have my measurements I’m ready to build my pattern. View the video to see how to create a hoodie pattern using Garment Designer.