Creativity with a Pieced-Fabric Approach to Garment Design

If you follow fashion, you will see that one of the current trends is clothing created using multiple fabrics. Here at Cochenille, we find this incredibly exciting, as it offers all forms of creativity, from choosing the fabrics, to planning...Read More

Using Garment Designer Pattern Software for Ceramic Projects

Ceramic pieces created with the use of Garment Designer pattern making software Garment Designer pattern making software is an amazing design tool. I know I’m biased, butthere hasn’t been a time that I’ve printed a pattern, when I haven’t smiled...Read More

Pledging to be more Sustainable with your Fashion Purchases and Creative Projects

Fashion and Sustainability A few years ago, I gave a TedTalkX at San Diego Mesa College where I am a Professor of Fashion. I had no idea what I was getting into when I offered to do it. But I...Read More