Using Garment Designer Pattern Software for Ceramic Projects

Ceramic pieces created with the use of Garment Designer pattern making software Garment Designer pattern making software is an amazing design tool. I know I’m biased, butthere hasn’t been a time that I’ve printed a pattern, when I haven’t smiled...Read More

Pledging to be more Sustainable with your Fashion Purchases and Creative Projects

Fashion and Sustainability A few years ago, I gave a TedTalkX at San Diego Mesa College where I am a Professor of Fashion. I had no idea what I was getting into when I offered to do it. But I...Read More

Mixed Media Garment with Handwoven Cloth

Currently at Cochenille, we have challenged our users to create a mixed media garment which involves some combination of fabric/yarn/embellishment, etc. So, I am going to share the design process for a garment that suits this type of challenge.  Hopefully...Read More