Digitally printing on fabric in France

A Unique Experience! Digital Printing Engineered Designs on Clothing and Pattern Repeats for Yardage… in France

I have just returned after a week of teaching a design workshop hosted by a company in Valsonne, France called Grain de Couleur. This business specializes in digitally printing fabrics for the fashion and textile industry. Our workshop revolved around...Read More
Garment Designer pattern meets Projector Sewing.

It’s SO exciting! Projector Sewing with Garment Designer Pattern Software

It was like a first date! Garment Designer pattern making software decided to meet up with Projector Sewing. Interested? You already love the flexibility of digital pattern drafting and the custom fit that can result, but why not add a...Read More

Using up the Waste in Zero Waste Fashion, … Creatively

Designing with minimal waste is a sustainable practice that has gained momentum in the past few years. However, in my opinion, it tends to lead one into ethnic-styled patterns that are very geometric in shape such as a kimono, blog...Read More