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Variations on a Theme

Variations on a Theme

Variations on a Theme

Just as music has variations to a theme, so can we, using Garment Designer. In this webinar, you will learn how to take one pattern and apply different variations to it to create multiple looks. This is an ideal approach for anyone who has a garment they love, and want more mileage from. The inspiration garment for this webinar comes from Italy.

For those who have not yet attended, a webinar is a 60 to 70 minute online class to include Lecture, Question & Answer and PDF Handouts for personal use. This is a live class and cannot be viewed later if purchased.

***Webinars need a minimum of three participants to host. If we do not meet this minimum the webinar will be cancelled two days prior, so be sure to register early.

After registration, we will contact you with the meeting information.

Webinars  will be available to review for attendees who sign up prior to the scheduled webinar but are unable to attend at that time. The video will be completely unedited, directly from the webinar meeting. It will be available for three days after the webinar is hosted. You must sign up prior to the scheduled date.


More on the 2017 Italy Fashion and Food Retreat

Need some incentive to come join us in Italy?

June 14th – 23rd, 2017
Verona, Italy, with visits to Milan and Venice.

Come join us this June in Verona for our Food and Fashion retreat.

How about yarn shopping for Italian yarns?

Or maybe some fantastic food, cooked just for you.

Then, there are the fashions … oh how we love Italian style. In museums…

and in the store windows.

We’ll visit a weaving establishment in Venice where they weave velvet on traditional hand looms using jacquard punch cards. Customers include Dolce and Gabana, the Kremlin, etc.

bobbins… for color inlay.

And, maybe a cooking class with a chef, in the kitchen of his restaurant.

More temptations to come.  Details can be found at

Nature’s Color Inspiration

Nature’s Color Inspiration

Nature’s Color Inspiration

Nature’s Color Inspiration is a brief perspective of how one can find inspiration in the plants that we see every day. We may pass by them yet never consider the beauty that surrounds us. The natural world can be a creative muse and invoke new ideas.

IMG_0192Currently Cochenille is working on Style Set 3, which will be a new plug-in for Garment Designer.  While Susan figures out the technical side of it, I get to be creative by building the fashion figures we use in our tutorials. I have 3 models ready to be dressed and find myself at an impasse when deciding what should seemingly be simple. What color do I make her top?

Although I consider myself to be a creative person, I often have trouble with colors and combining colors. The internet provides a substantial source of inspiration but sometimes you just need to get away from your computer. Finding myself in this predicament today, I decided to take a walk and snap a few photos. I also took with me one of our 3-in-1 Color Tools to match the plants to the colors I would use.IMG_0193

I love flowers and chose them as my source of inspiration. Matching the flower to the Color Tool, I would take note of the ID color on the card. The reverse side of the card gives the CMYK, RGB and # code. This is especially handy when your design requires a computer and matching colors. The card also displays the complimentary, analogous, split-complimentary and triadic colors. For someone who is color combining challenge it is quite helpful.

With my new sense of accomplishment, I set off to finish my design. Not only did I have my natural color inspiration and the exact code needed to recreate each color, I also got to step outside.

View more photos and see how I chose my colors in the following slide show. You will also get a sneak peak at one of the images that may be use in the new Style Set 3 Tutorial.To purchase the 3-in-1 Color Tool click on the SHOP NOW link and go to Design Aids. I hope I’ve given you some food for thought. Enjoy creating!

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