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In this lecture you will see various ethnic/world costumes and see how they influence modern fashion

Free Webinar Lecture: World Costume Traditions and Fashion
Sun, Nov 15, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (PST)

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Creativity at your Fingertips During the Pandemic with Found Object Printing and Garment Designer

Creativity at your Fingertips During the Pandemic with Found Object Printing and Garment Designer

One of my favorite textile arts is surface design. I adore anything to do with fabric, but creating my own fabric has to top my list of having fun. This past weekend I was prepping to teach a class at Stitches At Home Expo (Nov. 6-8) on Printing with Found Objects. You have no idea what your pantry, fridge, and junk drawer hold for you as far as inspiration and tools for print design.

Linen fabric printed with a variety of ‘found objects’

The investment to get started is minimal (under $10.00).  You need textile paint or acrylic paint (textile paint is better because it isn’t as stiff), a foam roller paint trimmer, a foam brush, some kind of flat surface (an old cookie sheet or piece of glass), a padded surface of some sort (it could be felt, polar fleece, or a towel), and of course, fabric to print.

I chose two fabrics: a plain cotton to do my testing, and a light-colored linen fabric for the final print. 

Below are some of the substances I used in my print process.

Orzo and Marcaroni

Rubber Bands, Corrugated Cardboard, Bubblewrap
Cabbage and Broccoli
Twist Ties and Plant Pod
Here are some shots of the fabrics I created

So… you may ask, what shall one do with them?  Well, since my various fabrics are all relatively small, I decided to do a pieced garment.  Here is the pattern that I created in Garment Designer Software (  I was able to use the Facing function to create division lines so I could plan out a pleasing division of space.

Garment Designer pattern, using the ‘Facing’ function to plan the space

I’ll print the pattern in full scale with the grid on, and use it as a guide. I’ll either separate all the pieces and add seam allowances as I cut my final fabrics, or I’ll piece section together and then piece the sections. Either way will work.

I still have to heat set all the fabrics, but then the final step can begin: the putting together of fabrics at my sewing machine.

Webinar: LagenLook – Layered Fashions: Design and Drafting

Webinar: LagenLook – Layered Fashions: Design and Drafting

Tuesday, October  20th, 4 p.m. Pacific Time

Lagenlook fashion has gained popularity worldwide for its versatility, comfort, and practicality. For this webinar we will be exploring the Lagenlook and its use of unique styling and layering.

This webinar will go over which style elements work best, and which are ideal for your body shape. Susan will demonstrate pattern building in Garment Designer, but one doesn’t need to own the software to gain knowledge. The asymmetric elements, varying hemlines and unique styles makes this look perfect for learning how to think out of the box and use different techniques in your patterns, whether with Garment Designer or home sewing patterns.

Plan and pattern your next wardrobe with this fun and flattering layered style. To view some inspiration, take a look at our Lagenlook Pinterest board.
Price: $25.00

Webinar: Jazzing it Up! Creative Use of Garment Details **NEW

Webinar: Jazzing it Up! Creative Use of Garment Details **NEW

Tues, 8/25/20 – 5 pm. PT


Learn how to take a basic garment and turn it into something unique through the use of creative pockets, collars, and other additions to a garment. This webinar will inspire you with images of fashionable ideas that can easily be created with Garment Designer. Take an existing pattern and jazz it up! There will be lots of demonstration of pattern work in the software to help you advance your skills.

Online order information

Item #: Web-144 – Jazzing it Up

Price: $25.00

Webinar: Combining Knits/Crochet and Fabric   Updated

Webinar: Combining Knits/Crochet and Fabric Updated

Garment Designer allows you to create for knitting, crochet and sewing. So, why not make garments that utilize combinations!

In this webinar, you will learn how to plan for, and create garments that incorporate both knit or crochet and sewn parts. Fashion inspiration as well as design how-to’s and sewing/joining options will be shown. One does not necessarily need a sewing machine!

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