Creating a Tools and TV Remote Caddy – Free Pattern

Recently, I visited with my mom in Canada. She is 94 and still actively knits. She primarily makes slippers and hats for her seven great grandchildren, and I occasionally get a pair of slippers too (which I love). Tool caddy...Read More

Ceramic Design with Garment Designer Pattern Software… WOW!

by Susan Lazear, Cochenille Design Studio Garment Designer pattern making software is an amazing design tool. I know I’m biased, but there hasn’t been a time that I’ve printed a pattern, when I haven’t smiled and inwardly danced a jig....Read More

Digital Fabric/Garment Design with Engineered Imagery

We recently ran our France Digital Design Retreat in Valsonne, France. This is a collaborative effort with Label Graine, a digital fabric company there. Here, in this blog, I will share the process of creating an engineered printed design using...Read More