Creating a Tools and TV Remote Caddy – Free Pattern

Recently, I visited with my mom in Canada. She is 94 and still actively knits. She primarily makes slippers and hats for her seven great grandchildren, and I occasionally get a pair of slippers too (which I love). Tool caddy...Read More

Ceramic Design with Garment Designer Pattern Software… WOW!

by Susan Lazear, Cochenille Design Studio Garment Designer pattern making software is an amazing design tool. I know I’m biased, but there hasn’t been a time that I’ve printed a pattern, when I haven’t smiled and inwardly danced a jig....Read More

Non-Traditional Pattern Making for a Lending Library

Garment Designer pattern making software has lots of applications beyond the typical sewn and knit garment it was designed for. Recently, we decided to test its abilities with the creation of a pattern for a little free Lending Library to...Read More