Non-Traditional Pattern Making for a Lending Library

Garment Designer pattern making software has lots of applications beyond the typical sewn and knit garment it was designed for.

Recently, we decided to test its abilities with the creation of a pattern for a little free Lending Library to be placed outside my home. I am an avid reader, and books abound here, so what better way to pass them on, than to have a lending library just outside my front door.

As per usual, I started with some scouting on Pinterest and created a board to collect ideas.

My partner in crime in this adventure was my partner in life, Don. He is a graphic artist and thus was charged with creating our concept for this library. Here is a sketch.

Concept Sketch

To create the pattern in Garment Designer, I used a Drop Shoulder style with a Boat Neck and straight shoulder seams. Then, I dragged seams around until I got the dimensions wished for.

Garment Designer Pattern

The, we printed out the pattern and created a mock-up in using cut-up cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Mockup

The next steps involved getting the wood, measuring, cutting, and starting to build. Then, once we got closer, it involved hunting around for shingles, choosing paint colors, picking out the hardware, etc.

Our first patron… our neighbor Macie.

The first book deposit

And the finished library in action!

Another creative project… done! Thanks to Don for all your help on this one. I’m good with knitting needles and a sewing machine… not so much with woodcraft.

Thank you Garment Designer!

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