Garment Designer Face Mask

Garment Designer Face Mask

Designed by Lisbeth Wahl

Lisbeth used her past training to develop a face mask pattern and sewing instructions. This pattern is unique in that the front panel is made of two layers which provides the opportunity to insert a barrier fabric or insert. In addition, the front panel is pleated on to the sides which allows for more fullness across the face.

Click on this link to download the pattern and instructions.

Garment Designer Pattern
ToDo/NewDo Downloadable List for Creative Projects

ToDo/NewDo Downloadable List for Creative Projects

A ToDo/NewDo list one can use to create a listing of items to complete.

Creativity vs. Corona Virus Creative Challenge
Included below are two forms which you can download to make lists of your creative projects that you plan to tackle during this time of uncertainty with the Corona Virus. We might be confined to our homes, but we are not without creative juices that need to be exercised.

There are two forms:

This first form is an editable PDF so you can fill out your ToDo and ReDo items on your computer and save them.

This form is a two-up printable PDF so you can print out form.

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