Ceramic Design with Garment Designer Pattern Software… WOW!

by Susan Lazear, Cochenille Design Studio

Garment Designer pattern making software is an amazing design tool. I know I’m biased, but there hasn’t been a time that I’ve printed a pattern, when I haven’t smiled and inwardly danced a jig.

What I particularly like, is finding new uses for the software; beyond the typical dress or sweater. So, when the man in my life suggested I give a try to hand-building ceramics, it didn’t take too long for me to realize that Garment Designer would once again be my friend.

Ceramic Vessel Designed in Garment Designer Pattern Making Software

I’ve always known that there is a lot of similarity between patternmaking and woodworking. Both require a certain precision in planning, cutting, and putting the parts together. So, it didn’t take me too long to realize in planning a ceramic piece, that once again, these skills were transferable, and I could use Garment Designer to build the pattern.

Building the Pieces

My plan for my ceramic piece was to create a vessel for kitchen utensils. Given my nature, and my personal passions, I decided to model it after a clothing item, specifically, a kimono; I was thinking asymmetry, a bit of texture.

So, first came the sketch, and then, some dimensions.

Then, on to the computer to create the paper pattern. I used the Generic Shapes and chose a rectangle shape as my starting point, and then dragged a few points around to create the pattern. I planned to use the printed pattern to test proportions, size, and the overall effect.

Once I confirmed that my pattern would give me the shape I want, I used it to cut out the clay.

Next, came the process of shaping the clay around just the right 3-d object.

Textiles and clothing generally have some texture, so I wanted to add this to the clay.

I had so much fun with this first piece, a second one followed… slightly smaller, but based again on a garment. This new piece had a textured collar and a belt.

And of course, there is the firing and glazing, which I turned over to my ceramic mentor, Don.

Here are the finished pieces with patterns.

Of course, you will want to check out Garment Designer software (Windows or Mac).