Sew Like a Pro: The Future of Fashion Cochenille Specials for Participants

Sew Like a Pro: The Future of Fashion
March 25 – April 7th, 2022

Hi Sew Like a Pro Participants!

Cochenille Design Studio is pleased to be involved with the Sew Like a Pro: The Future of Fashion summit. We are the home of Garment Designer Pattern software (for knitters, crocheters, and sewers), and Stitch Painter grid design program for any textile art that is planned on a grid. Both programs are Windows or Macintosh. We will be demonstrating these during our scheduled Vendor times. We offer a sale on all our products except software upgrades and webinars.

Free Demo of Garment Designer Software

Would you like to learn more about Garment Designer pattern making software (Mac or Windows?). We scheduled a free Zoom webinar on Friday, April 15th, at 2 p.m. Pacific Time. Please click on this link to sign up for the webinar. We will send you the Zoom link a day or two before the class. The presentation will be about 40 minutes and we can address questions.

30 Days of Garment Patterns

Join us on Instagram or Facebook to see the current posting campaign. For thirty days (which started on March 18th, 2022) we are posting a pattern a day and sharing garments we have made as well as your users. We are @cochenilledesignstudio on both platforms!

Sew Like a Pro Specials from Cochenille Design Studio

Windows or Macintosh Pattern Software

15% off Garment Designer (and other Cochenille-produced software, excluding upgrades). Click on the links below to go to our store.

Garment Designer Pattern Software for Windows or Mac

Cochenille Design Aids

Use Code SewLikePro, March 28th – April 11th, 2022

Here is a link to a Garment Designer flyer with more information on the software.

We have lots of videos on using Garment Designer on our website.

Stitch Design Software for Windows or Mac

15% off Stitch Painter

(and other Cochenille-produced products, excluding upgrades)

Stitch Painter design Software for Windows or Mac

Use Code SewLikePro, March 28th – April 11th, 2022

Here is a link to a StitchPainterflyer with more information on the software.
We have lots of videos on using Stitch Painter on our website.

Cochenille Design Aids
Cochenille has a variety of design aids. Go to this link to see more.
Our Sewer’s Worksheets are an example. FLASH… we just added a Sample Record sheet as a bonus to the Sewing Worksheet set. If you choose the Digital Download version in our store, there is no shipping involved!

Keep track of your projects!

15% off Sewer’s or Knitter’s Worksheets
Digital Download Version
Editable PDF files. Click on this link to go to this product on our store.

We have created a 2-page Fact Sheet on this product, which you can download by clicking here
Use Code SewLikePro, March 28th – April 11th, 2022

The amazing Hurth Ruler!

15% off the Hurth Measuring Ruler

Info at

Use Code SewLikePro, March 28th – April 11th, 2022

This is a great measuring device that we import from Germany. Here are a few videos to watch on how to use this product.

Hurth Measuring Band System
We recently added the Hurth Measuring Band System to our store. This is a unique system of adjustable elasticized bands that will help you achieve accurate body measurements.



Part 1: Attaching and Removing Bands:

Part 2: Measuring.

Use Code SewLikePro, March 28th – April 11th, 2022

15% Off
Measuring made Easy measuring tape by Lorraine Henry

Info at

Use Code SewLikePro, March 28th – April 11th, 2022

We have created a 2-page Fact Sheet on this product, which you can download by clicking here.

Pattern Making and Sewing Tools
We have a great collection of tools related to Pattern Making and Sewing. Click Here to go to that page on our webstore. There are two pages of fun design aids.

French CurveCurve Runner
Stretch RulerGridded Rulers
1/4″ Colored Mask TapeMagnetic Pickup tool
see examples of a few below!
French Curve
Curve Runner

Cochenille E-Books

Proportioned 4 You! $30.00.
Click here to to see this item on our website.

Use Code SewLikePro, March 28th – April 11th, 2022

You are unique! There are no two people exactly alike, and this uniqueness extends beyond your personal shape to your sense of style and the clothing you wear. Generally, a pattern cannot serve everyone, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can eliminate some of the variation by adjusting the pattern’s proportion to your own body?

 This PDF book is an approach to pattern and garment design that allows you to combine your personal proportions with simple-shaped patterns. Take 16 simple measurements and then plug selected ones into the pattern templates provided for each pattern throughout this book. Use your calculator to multiply your measurement by the formula provided, and like magic, you will have the shape of the various pattern pieces in proportion to your body.

Want it to be even easier? If you have Microsoft Office, you can use the provided Excel file to do all the math for you. Enter your measurements in the Excel file, and sit back and smile. All the calculations will be taken care of automatically. No more math.

Proportioned 4 You includes the following

  • A PDF book in Inches and Metrics
  • An Excel file to help calculate your measurements
  • Easy to follow instructions on body measurements with images demonstrating each measurement.
  • Flats and Fashion Images of each pattern design, from start to finish
  • Sewing and Knitting Basics
  • Fabric and Yarn suggestions
  • Creative Options on design variation
  • Tips on working with different Figure Types

Easy 7 Jackets $24.00.
Click here to to to this item on our website.

Use Code SewLikePro, March 28th – April 11th, 2022

This 89-page book, in PDF format, is designed to show Garment Designer users how to get more out of their software.

Each jacket is easily designed in the software and can be knit or sewn. With each project (whether you actually sew or knit it in the end) will teach you a new skill to use with your pattern software or with the building of garments. The instructions walk you through, step-by-step, how to create the pattern in Garment Designer. Even if you never make the garment, the skills you learn in using the software will be invaluable.

Knitting tips and illustrated sewing instructions are included in the book as well as generic techniques and tips.

Jacket Styles:

  • Asymmetrical Layered – will teach you how to add internal flare to a pattern and how to build an asymmetrical style
  • Empire – shows you how to build a two-part garment
  • Flange – teaches you how to add a flange (large pleat) to a garment and how to space-plan to add a second fabric/stitch pattern
  • Scarf Collar – will show you how to use the Give/Take Symmetry mode to create the asymmetrical front of the jacket
  • Saddle Yoke – will show you how to work with a yoke and box pleat
  • Knit-Splice – leads you into a mixed media approach and shows you how to space plan a pattern.
  • Asian Origami – walks you through the building of the most unique Asian-influenced garment. In the end, it is a two-seam garment (excluding collar and pockets).

Various tips and sewing techniques are included with the book. Learn how to use a fabric binding for the neckline, or how to trim a garment with a decorative flat binding strip which can easily be adapted for knits. All this and more.

Garment Designer Lesson Book. $24.00

The Garment Designer PDF Lesson Book is written to show people how to use Garment Designer creatively, plus it explains simple design principles and offers design tips. To purchase, go here.

It consists of 3 projects:

1. Creating Simple Vests (4 lessons)- Measuring & Creating a Basic Sloper of Your Body- Planning & Building a Garment- Creating the Full- Size Pattern (To Sew or Knit)- Building & Embellishing your Vest

2. Designing a Garment in Piecework Style (3 lessons)- Ideation: Planning for Piecework Design
– Building a Garment & Printing a 1/4 scale Mock-Up Pattern
– Completing the Garment 
3. Copying Ready-to-Wear (2 lessons)- Analyzing & Measuring a RTW Garment
– Building the Style in Garment Designer

*No refunds will be given to Digital Download products once the file has been downloaded.

Please read the description of each item carefully and if you have any additional questions you would like answered before purchase, please contact