Program Compatibility Stitch Painter

Program Compatibility Stitch Painter

*When new Operating Systems are released by Microsoft or Apple, there is always a risk that our software may not be fully functional. Cochenille advises staying within the limits of program compatibility listed below:

SP 3 Windows – Windows XP to 10 (CURRENT VERSION) 

SP 3.1 Mac –Mac 10.6 to 10.14.6 compatible (CURRENT VERSION) 

Mac users: 
Stitch Painter 3.1 for Mac is NOT be compatible with Mac OSx Catalina. We are currently working with our developer on creating a new compatible version of Garment Designer for Mac OSx Catalina, Stitch Painter 3 will follow and go into development after.

If you rely heavily on our software, we suggest you turn any auto- updates off and to check this page for information prior to running an OS update. You can also find updates regarding our software’s compatibility with Mac OSx Catalina on our Mac Catalina Compatibility Support Page.

If you currently own Stitch Painter 3 for Mac, please contact with the name you registered your software with, Stitch Painter Serial Number and HASP Key ID for a courtesy update to the most current version of the software (version 3.1).

If you have an older version of Stitch Painter, such as Stitch Painter 2, you will need to purchase an upgrade. Please provide your Stitch Painter Serial number in the notes section for your upgrade order to be processed.

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