Organize your Fabrics!

Guest Blog: Cochenille Garment Designer user, Chris Van Der Maas,

Chris shares her recent experience in organizing her fabric stash!


For years I have been organizing and re-organizing, trying to find that perfect method that will take up less space, I can see what I have, and I can keep it organized.

Well, recently I stumbled across an organizing video that had all kinds of good organizing ideas. This was a video shared by Brother Brand Ambassador Angela Wolf and Brother Educators Jerry Granata, Kim Montagnese, Jennifer Gleich, Louis Carney, and Barb Mikolajczyk. They discussed their organizing tips.

The one idea that spoke to me the most was a quilter’s method for folding quilting fabric (I do both, quilting and garment sewing). Given that I have both types of fabric (buying fabric is a sickness I think!), I just needed to start the folding and the outcome resulted in elimination of about 18 storage tubs.

This is just one photo of the eliminated tubs!

I couldn’t be more pleased; the only regret is I didn’t take ‘before’ photos.

This is my garment fabric, folded and labeled.
This is a bookcase I had after I purged some of my books so I thought I would utilize it for quilting fabric storage. Some of the fabrics are bundled and tied with a ribbon for complete quilts.

My New Year’s resolution was to purge and organize and to only buy fabric when an additional piece is needed to complete something else. So now I go to my stash and in the process of organizing and folding I found fabric that I had forgotten about.


Chris belongs to the CCC-Creative Clothing Club and the Port Huron Sewing Guild which is part of the Detroit Chapter. When Chris was 18, her sister taught her to sew ‘over the phone’. Chris wanted to make a flannel robe and night gown for her daughter and she didn’t want to wait until they got together again. She has been sewing ever since.