Ruffles and Bands Challenge Due Date

Ruffles and Bands Challenge Due Date

Cochenille continues our series of challenges, whereby we pick a theme, and challenge our users to make a garment, knit or sewn. We don’t know about you, but we make things a priority when we have a deadline. Make something with an Edging or Band (both found in the Garment Designer>Extras>Edgings menu and submit an image and your Garment Designer file to A team of professionals will choose the best design and award the winner a $50 credit to purchase anything on our website. For those who give permission, we will compile the designs into a PDF document and make it available to share.


Need Inspiration? Here is a link to one of our Pinterest boards.

Flounces, Ruffles, and Bands

Holiday Sewing Time

It’s that time of year!

Make your family stockings using Garment Designer’s Holiday Collection Add-on, or the Stand-alone version of the software.

Time to think about making some new holiday decorations. Did you know that we here at Cochenille have a Holiday plug-in to Garment Designer? It is also available as a stand-alone program, meaning you do not need to own Garment Designer to run it. There are stockings (for people and animals), a bottle bag, various carriers for food, a tree skirt, and more.

I recently made holiday stockings for my son and his family. I chose the Stiletto shoe style for my daughter-in-law, an elf one for my granddaughter, and a standard stocking style for my son. I chose to use lightweight interior fabrics, in a somewhat darkened holiday palette.

Here you can see the stiletto pattern in Garment Designer.

The Stiletto pattern for a holiday stocking.

And here are the pattern pieces for all of the stockings. I spliced some of the patterns to allow me to have more fabrications involved.

My assortment of pattern pieces for holiday stockings using Garment Designer software.

These next few images will show you how I mixed and matched the fabrics within a given stocking.

The elf-style stocking, this one for my granddaughter.
Garment Designer’s Standard stocking, and look how you can dress it up!
The base of the stiletto stocking.

Then… on to the trims!

Lots of options for trims.

And I cut letters out of craft felt for the names.

Customizing the stockings with names.

Now… they hang every Christmas and My granddaughter can’t wait to see what’s in hers on Christmas morning.

Hanging in place, every year now.

and if you like, there are options for your dog or cat… Here is the Bone stocking pattern.

Make a stocking for the doggie in your world.

View our Holiday Collection video here:

Garment Designer Software February Challenge: Hearts

Almost finished piece!

Susan, owner of Cochenille is sharing her heart-based design challenge. This is a Garment Designer software project. The inspiration for Susan’s project came from a store window in Italy. As you can see below, the sweater was uniquely different. So, photo time.. take a shot and file it away for another time.

Down the road a bit, Susan was embarking on a recycling project, and was looking for something to do, and remembered, not only her photo image, but also a garment she had purchased while taking a workshop with the Deco Belles in Napier New Zealand. Thus, you can see, this is becoming a global project.


The Inspiration

Inspiration sweater from a store window in Florence, Italy

And here is the sweater that became the candidate for reconstruction.

Original sweater, purchased in Napier, New Zealand in an Op Shop

The Pattern using Garment Designer Pattern Software

So, Susan developed a heart-shaped pattern in Garment Designer, and cut the pattern out of the original sweater, twice, once for the front and once for the back.


To prevent the edges from fraying, the serger was used to finish the raw edges.

Serging the raw edges

Then, some of the original sweater was unraveled to obtain some yarn for crocheting around the edges.

Unraveling the original garment to obtain some yarn for finishing


Here are a few shots of the crochet stitch going around the edges.

Crochet edging used to cover the served edges

And now.. the almost finished garment. Susan still wants to add another row of crochet, possibly in a coordinating fancier yarn… to be decided.

Almost finished piece!
Close-up of Front
Back view, arc of heart overlapping arc of heart. Modeled by Teresa, one of Cochenille’s staff.

So now fellow Cochenille users.. let’s see what you can do!

Garment Designer Nuno Felt Retreat

Garment Designer Nuno Felt Retreat

Garment Designer Nuno Felt Retreat

Garment Designer Nuno Felt Retreat will be Cochenille’s annual fall design workshop. The workshop involves designing a pattern in Garment Designer with the specific purpose of adding engineered Nuno felt sections to the end result. We are pleased to have as our guest, Italian Fashion Designer, Lisbeth Wahl. She will join us to share her knowledge of Nuno Felting.

lisbeth wahl demonstrating nuno felting

The goal of the workshop is to show Garment Designer users how they can push their projects to the fullest. We will combine our software created patterns with engineered felted highlights. Create your own wearable art. Don’t worry if you are new to Nuno Felt. Lisbeth is an amazing teacher and we are delighted to have her join us this year.

Please click on the following links to view and download the Retreat Brochure and Registration.

Retreat Brochure Fall 2016
Retreat Registration Fall 2016

To learn more about Lisbeth Wahl, please visit her website

We look forward to you joining us!

Introduction to Garment Designer

Introduction to Garment Designer

This webinar is for people who are basically just starting, or who need a
complete refresher on how to approach creating garment patterns with Garment
Designer. It’s time to get going, so let’s walk through the steps
of thought, measurement basics, and so on.

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