Have a Crafty Halloween!

  Cochenille would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! We hope that you were able to use our software to create some spooktacular projects! If you would like to share any of your Halloween projects that you made using our software, … Continue reading

Have Happy 4th of July! Free Captain America Shield Gridded Design

We at Cochenille Design Studio hope that everyone is enjoying their 4th of July! Please feel free 😉 to download the Captain America Shield Cross-Stitch Pattern made using Cochenille Design Studio’s Stitch Painter software with the FCI Plug-in. .PDF files … Continue reading

Cochenille Design Studio Stitch Painter is all Uni-d

  For my heart design project I wanted to make a cross stitch pattern using Stitch Painter. I chose something that makes my heart happy which would be…Unicorns! I found my prized pony in the land of Fantasia. Then I made … Continue reading


Cochenille Software Resources

Cochenille Software Resources

Cochenille Software Resources can assist in helping you know your software.

With your software purchase you will receive a digital PDF of the manual. This is located in your Garment Designer or Stitch Painter folder.

The folder contains help sheets, online links and tutorials.

View short videos found on our website or Youtube channel, “CochenilleSoftware

You may also want to sign up to Cochenille’s “DesignerSchool”. This is a Yahoo Group forum for Cochenille customers. There are several people on this site who have used our software for years and have helpful tips and information to assist you with most any question.


For direct questions, our regular office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm PST.

Please view the following video to learn more about Cochenille Software Resources…

Garment Designer, Stitch Painter Software Down Under

Regards from the land of down under! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of women in Christchurch, New Zealand and walking through the paces with both Garment Designer and Stitch Painter software programs. We covered a … Continue reading