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Garment Designer Software Workshop: In Process

Garment Designer Software Workshop: In Process

Garment Designer Software Workshop is in full swing! Here are some of the group, on Day 1… working.

Our audience had been asking for some hands-on creativity with sewing, so this
year, we are built a day of sewing into our Fall workshop retreat. The location
was in San Marcos, CA.

We used the store windows of Europe as our inspiration. Susan shared her
many inspirational images, and used them as our kickstart for designing garments with Garment Designer, and then sewing samples of the various techniques.

We focused on taking key measurements, analyzing garments in order to build patterns, and software basics.

Garment Designer pattern design software
Amy’s project (in front)
Garment Designer pattern drafting software
Anna, hard at work.
Garment Designer Pattern Eco Dye Style

Garment Designer Pattern Eco Dye Style

Garment Designer Pattern Eco Dye Style

Garment Designer Pattern Eco Dye Style was created with our upcoming Batwing sleeve! Here at Cochenille, I’m working on a group of new styles (Style Set 3) for Garment Designer. At the same time, I’m teaching a new course at Mesa College; Textile Design. I decided to combine the two as I test new styles.

The Pattern

Here we have a style I’m working on; a Batwing sleeve. My inspiration came from the costumes at a recent Ballet performance I attended. The ballerinas wore a batwing style sleeve with an extended cuff, scrunched up their lower arm.

Garment Designer Pattern for Batwing sleeve

To the left is my initial write of the style. I’ll extend the sleeve when I cut the garment.




I printed a test pattern, then taped it together. This I laid on the fabric and once I understood the shape, I began to lay out my various plants on the fabric. began to lay out my various plants down in place.

The Layout

Positioning my pattern for layout purposes.
Arranging the plant materials using the pattern as a guide.
Various plants.







The next step was to roll the fabric up, and tie it tightly. Then, it is put in a pot of simmering water. A rusted pot was put in for good measure to assist in heightening the color of the plants on the fabric.

Into the Pot

Rolling all into a tube.
The ‘sausage’, rolled and tied.
Into the dye pot







After about one hour, the fabric come out, and is untied, and unrolled. Many plants (but not all) transferred their color to the fabric.

Revealing the Fabric

Fabric fresh out of the pot.
Revealing the color upon unrolling.
Fabric, eco-dyed







My fabric is ready… now time to get the garment cut out and sewn.

Susan.. Cochenille

Fabric, after washing and drying.

To learn more about Eco Dyeing, check out India Flint’s website.

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